Nepal Army is providing heli rescue services to Yak Ru - Annapurna Challenge '14. Nepal Army will keep their high altitude chopper standby in Kathmandu during the race for any emergency evacuation situation. Yak Ru is extremly previliged to have this vital support from Nepal Army.



Yak Ru is privileged to have SONY as a sponsor for Annapurna Challenge '14. SONY Asia Pacific will be sending their latest and the best in the still, video and action cam series cameras to capture and document the race.
Sony Electronics (Singapore) was established on 1st  October 1999 with business activities comprising engineering and manufacturing, sales and marketing, and logistics and information systems. As part of Sony Electronics (Singapore), Sony South East Asia is responsible for the marketing and sales of consumer products in Singapore, as well as for business and professional products in Singapore and other countries in the South East Asia region. It also handles export business for consumer products from Singapore to various parts of Asia. Since establishing our presence in Singapore in 1973, we have grown steadily over the years to become a leader in the consumer electronics market. For more information on Sony’s products and services in Singapore, please visit
Grande International Hospital supports  Yak Ru as medical partner for the Annapurna Challenge '14 race. Three doctors from Grande International Hospital’s EMS/Rapid Response Team will be accompanying Yak Ru race. 2 doctors will be on site and  1 doctor will be on standby in Kathmandu to receive the patient if we evacuate from the site. With this level of professional planning from the Department of Emergency, we have all the assurance we need to run our race smoothly incase of an emergency. Dr. Sanjaya Karki  leads three of his colleagues Dr. Nishant Raj Pandey and Dr. Abhijit Adhikary and RN Namrata Thulung in the Yak Ru race.
Grande International Hospital, Nepal's first world class hospital has been established in collaboration with Bangkok's renowned Samitivej Hospital. The 15 storied hospital building with 298,999 sq. ft. area has been constructed on a 32 ropani land. This 234 bed hospital with fully equipped computerized system has 8 modular Operation Theatres and 2 minor Operation Theatres, six of which are equipped with facilities to broadcast surgery throughout the world and make live surgical discussions possible. In addition to personal cabins, there are also several general wards.
BigMart Nepal
Big Mart is a chain of supermarkets in Nepal. With a mission to be the most admired supermarket chain in South Asia, Big Mart endeavors to bring world class grocery retailing to the Nepalese masses. For more information visit or get in touch in with us at 
For telephone enquiries, please call at +9771400520 or write to us at
NCA supports Yak RU
Nepal Cycling Association is affiliated with Union Cyclistee Internationale (UCI), Switzerland and comes under the purview of Nepal Olympic Committee. It has been active in promoting mountain biking as a sport in Nepal since it's inception. NCA has already overseen many national and international championship events in Nepal. It has organized Asian Mountain Bike Championship in Nepal in 2008 and has been a firm supporter of Yak Ru Extreme Mountain Biking Race.
ACAP supports Yak Ru
Launched in 1986, the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) is the largest undertaking of National Trust for Nature Conservation and also the first conservation area and largest protected area in Nepal. It covers an area of 7,629 sq. km. and is home to over 100,000 residents of different cultural and linguistic groups. ACAP is rich in biodiversity and is a treasure house for 1,226 species of flowering plants, 102 mammals, 474 birds, 39 reptiles and 22 amphibians.
Pipedream Cycles: award-winning bicycles, handcrafted in Titanium or Reynolds Steel tubing. Specialists in custom Titanium bicycle frames
DirTraction is a privately-owned organization which seeks to promote cycling related activities, as well as to provide professional World Class racing conditions to cyclist in Asia.Established in 2006, DirTraction has been the pioneering force behind cycling-related sports in Singapore and Malaysia. Formed from a partnership of friends with a burning passion for mountain biking, road cycling and adventure racing, we have established ourselves as the first adventure company specializing in cycling-related sports and activities in the region.
Bike Labz is supporting Yak Ru with podium Jersey. We would like to thank Mr.Chai for his solidarity with our race.
Blue Ocean Systems sponsors cash prizes to the stage winners of Yak Ru Race. We thank Mr. Arun Devan, MD of Blue Ocean Systems Singapore for their support to the Yak Ru race.
Blue Ocean Systems (BOS) has more than 10 years’ experience deploying business information systems powered by a variety of SAP based solutions. 
At BOS, we place our customers at the forefront with a personal promise that we strive to uphold: quality solutions within Budget, delivered On-time and truly Scalable, growing to match our customers’ ambitions. Blue Ocean Systems is never contented with the status quo and constantly strives to improve ourselves and the work that we deliver, ensuring that we are able to match your ever increasing expectations.
Sports+Travel Magazine Singapore will be covering Yak Ru race. We would like to thank Mr. Aaron Stewart for his great support to Yak Ru race.
Spin Asia is the leading English-language cycling publication in Singapore since 2007. The 
magazine covers a wide array of topics which range from product reviews, local and regional race coverage, industry happenings, interviews with cycling personalities, cycling medical tips and much more. In 2014, Spin Asia Malaysia, the Malaysian edition of the magazine was officially launched to cater for cyclists of all levels in the country with a focus on local cycling athletes and cycling events is the definitive bike portal from Singapore  serving the biking communities of the world. We are honoured to have their editorial support for Yak Ru Extreme MTB race in the Himalayas.
Essence Magazine
ESSENCE Magazine brings lifestyle,culture,and entertainment value to Nepalese and foreign readers.
Their readers definitely appreciate quality content and a different perspective on the matters they cover.
TopOut Nepal is the first company to provide full mountaineering and adventure oxygen solutions for high altitude. 
TopOut first made its name from the patented Topout mask which is now the industry standard. By high demand from climbers and skydivers across the world, TopOut expanded slowly and meticulously into making its own high pressure regulator and flow controller. The circle was finally completed in 2014 as TopOut Nepal produced its own oxygen gas, filled in EN certified custom built mountaineering oxygen cylinders.
Due to the lack of standards and certification in the adventure oxygen industry, TopOut has also been formally organising training programs for Nepalis and Foreigners to ensure that any oxygen equipment is used safely and effectively. TopOut Nepal remains determined to raising standards when it comes to mountaineering and adventure in the Himalayas.
2Toms has been helping athletes  for the last 11 years improve their performance. Their advanced athletic products help athletes reduce downtime caused by blisters and chafing, eliminate the embarrassment caused by odors and stop pain from skin irritations. Their mission is to provide high performance, technically advanced products that improve the enjoyment of their customers activities and strengthen their love for their sport!
2Toms is sponsoring their advanced athletic products to Yak Ru. We hope our riders will not have any 
pain from saddle sores & butt irritations as their ButtShield provides unsurpassed protection from CHAFING and SKIN IRRITATION on the butt and groin.


Bikers NepalBikersnepal Pvt.Ltd established in 2006, is the premier off-road motobike tour company, the “FIRST” of its kind in the nation. Offroadnepal gears up to be the ultimate ENGINE for adventure tours, the supreme SUSPENSION for bikers to showcase their flair in bike riding, the serene SILENCER for all bikers to communicate (without much noise and 100% result).
No More pitched road, people call it dead end, time to take you turn or may be hike, but for us the ride has just begun...
  • Nepalese Army supports Yak Ru race
  • Pipe Dream Cycles supports Yak Ru race
  • Sony supports Yak Ru race
  • Blue Ocean Systems supports Yak Ru race
  • DirTraction supports Yak Ru race
  • NCA supports Yak Ru race
  • Tripcaptcha supports Yak Ru race
  • Grande International Hospital - Yak Ru Medical Partner
  • Big Mart
  • Bikersnepal
  • The North face
  • Setopati