Yak Ru Enduro 2019 participants

Accurate as of 02 September 2019.
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 Name  Category  Country  Representing

 Abid Rahman Chowdhury

 Mens Open  Bangladesh  Yak Ru participant from Bangladesh

Bernard Kerr

Mens Open British Virgin Islands (UK)

Phoebe Coers

Womens Open New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand

 Gabriel Sarsuelo Amigo III

 Mens Open Philippines Yak Ru participant of Yak ru 2019

 Steven Cox

 Mens Open  United Kingdom Yak Ru participant from UK

 Geoff Kabush

 Mens Open  Canada yak ru participant from Canada

 Tom Sampson

 Mens Open  United States of America yak ru rider from usa

 Ben Gibson

Mens Open  New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand

Robin Pieper

Womens Open New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand

Tham Kumar Gurung(Aka Sanjay)

Mens Masters Nepal

flag of Nepal

Phurba Sherpa

Mens Open Nepal

flag of Nepal

Megan Rose

Womens Masters Australia

Yak Ru rider from Australia