Yak Ru Cross Country Race

Yak Ru is an extreme mountain bike (MTB) event that is as much a race as it is an expedition. This five-stage race covers 240 Kilometers and ascends to an altitude of 5416 meters in just 5 cycling days. One rest day is scheduled at a high altitude location to acclimatize before crossing the Thorong-La Pass (5416 meters).

After the competition ends, Yak Ru XC participants will enjoy a two-day group ride along the semi-arid terrain of the legendary Mustang valley. This world-class touring opportunity is a bonus for the participants in this race-expedition.

Yak Ru XC requires you to be prepared physically and mentally. You will be faced with weather conditions such as cold, rain, snow blizzards, heat, dust, and other elements that this unforgiving environment can throw at you. Face the penultimate high-altitude MTB challenge – Thorong La Pass (at 5416 meters above sea level) –  where steep alpine terrain will test your wits. Imagine yourself negotiating slippery icy tracks while carrying your bike in the darkness of the wee hours of the morning to cross the Pass where only half the available oxygen concentration is present in the cold, thin air!