Yak Ru Enduro 2019 Categories & Prizes


Categories Age Limit
Open Age 21 to 39  Both Male and Female*
Veteran Age 40 and above Both Male and Female*
  * Category awarded prizes for 5 or more participants in respective category only

Male Open and Female Open Categories will be put up, with podium prizes and trophies on offer.
Veteran (40 years and above) categories for both genders including podium prizes and trophies – will be introduced if there are 5 or more participants entered that qualify age-wise & gender-wise for each respective category.

Cash Prizes:

Position Prize Money
1-ST US$ 500 equivalent in Nepalese rupees
2-ND US$ 300 equivalent in Nepalese rupees
3-RD US$ 200 equivalent in Nepalese rupees