Yak Ru 2019 Race REGISTRATION, Fees and terms & conditions

Registration Fee (International) : US$90

Registration Fee (Local & Expats) : Rs. 12,000/-

Registration will close on 01 September 2019 or when the race is full. Your completed registration form will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis. Registration will remain open until all slots (40 maximum) are filled.

Everyone that submits an entry request form will be contacted by no later than 3 days from the day of their submission if they are accepted into the race. Those lucky riders that are accepted will then get up to 2 weeks to get their full payment in to secure their spot. Entries are non-transferable and non-deferrable (e.g. to the following year). They are, however, refundable in part, if we are contacted by e-mail under the following schedule:

EB/Standard Entry Fees: 70% refund before 26th April 2019.
EB/Standard Entry Fees: 30% refund before 30th August 2019.

A NO REFUND policy will apply AFTER 1st October 2019, without exceptions.
Note: Some travel insurance companies cover and refund the registration fees as long as the rider is not able to participate. We recommend that you buy that kind of travel insurance policy.


Registration Fee (international participants) : USD $90


All-Inclusive Package A (Hostel Accommodation) Cost for International Riders: USD$900
All-Inclusive Package B (Guest House Accommodation) Cost for International Riders: USD$1010
All-Inclusive Package C (Boutique Hotel Accommodation) Cost for International Riders: USD$1310

Download Yak Ru Enduro 2019 – Race Package for International Participants PDF.

Registration Fee (Local & Expat participants) : Rs. 12,000/-


Package A (Full Package) Cost for local/expat Riders: Rs. 50,000/-


Package B (Bare Metal) Cost for local/expat Riders: Rs. 12,000/-

Download Yak Ru Enduro 2019 – Race Package for Locals and Expats PDF.

DEPOSIT (Required to secure entry)

USD$490 is required to secure your entry into the race. Payable within two weeks of your entry being accepted.

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