Early Bird Pricing: USD$1600.00 for entries received BEFORE 7th July 2017.  Early bird package is over now. Sign up for the standard package.

Standard Pricing: USD$1800.00 for entries received AFTER 7th July 2017. REGISTER NOW

Registration will open  on 10 June, 2017 @ 0900hrs GMT / 1445hrs Nepal Time / 1700hrs Singapore Time.  Your completed registration form will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration will remain open until all slots (40 maximum) are filled.

The registration form will include a question asking if you intend to enter the race with friend. Please list your friend’s names; everyone in your friend’s group must fill out their own form and include each other’s names when filling up this part of the form. This helps smoothen our logistics and accommodation planning to a large extent.

Everyone that submits a registration form will be contacted by no later than 3 days from the day of their submission if they are accepted into the race Those lucky riders that are accepted will then get up to 2 weeks to get their full payment in to secure their spot Entries are non-transferable and non-deferrable (e.g. to the following year). They are, however, refundable in part, if we are contacted by e-mail under the following schedule:

EB/Standard Entry Fees: 70% refund before 1st August 2017.
EB/Standard Entry Fees: 30% refund before 1st September 2017.

A NO REFUND policy will apply AFTER 1st September 2017, without exceptions.
Note: Some travel insurance companies cover and refund the registration fees as long as the rider is not able to participate. We recommend that you buy that kind of travel insurance policy.

All Inclusive Package” Cost  International Riders: USD$1600 (early bird rate, applicable 10 June  07 July) / USD$1800.00 (standard rate, applicable from July 7 onwards)

DEPOSIT (Required to secure entry)
USD$540 (30% of US$1800) is required to secure your entry into the race. Payable within two weeks of your entry being accepted.

Registration opens on 10 June 2017 at 6:00 PM Singapore time.