Restoration of old Annapurna walking route

To renew interests among trekking community to use the old walking routes for trekking in around Round Annapurna region. Tourism activity along the old walking routes will provide income to the inhabitants and help sustain their lives better.


For Humanity

Yak Ru will also run medical camps along the race routes. Many villagers lack basic medical facilities and suffer from a various illness which could have been treated with very little medicine or medical attention.

Exchange of opportunities

To create a platform for Nepali athletes to be able to compete with international riders and vice-versa. Nepalese mountain bikers are among the best when it comes to biking the altitude and harsh terrain. It will be an unique opportunity for an international rider to go neck to neck with our very best.

Set Up High Altitude Mountain Biking Academy

Dawn Till Dusk and Nepalsutra TM envisage setting up a mountain biking academy in Nepal to help raise the profile of Nepalese athletes. This will be a private initiative of Dawn Till Dusk. A certain percentage of the surplus profits will go towards the funds for establishing this academy in Kathmandu. The Academy will work with few local clubs to set up Mountain biking training tracks within the first two years of first successful Yak Ru race event. In the subsequent Yak Ru races, we hope our academy graduates will make successful entries.