Yak Ru Enduro Race 2019

Yak Ru Enduro - SS1

Race organizer’s perspective. Watch how bullet rider tackles the gnarly stage dotted with hairpin bends.

Yak Ru Enduro - SS2

A more gentle SS2 makes participants wanting more in the next stage of the race.

Yak Ru Enduro - SS3

This stage continue at the similar terrain and elevation. the final stage of the Day 1 Race.

Yak Ru Enduro - SS4

Participant’s wish is fulfilled to have more demanding stage right above Ngawal village.

Yak Ru Enduro - SS5

A mellow SS5 is just a prelude to more demanding stage 6 of the race. 

Yak Ru Enduro - SS6

A long liaison ride brings participants to the plateau of Tenki Manang, the launch pad for the demanding Zulu run.

Yak Ru Enduro - SS7

Morning hike a bike section brings participants high above the race village to a spectacular vista point. 

Yak Ru Enduro - SS8

Continue on the similar landscape as the final stage, participants get ready for the ultimate stage at stage 9.

Yak Ru Enduro - SS9

The ultimate stage makes participants smile from ear to ear until they are transferred to the podium for awards.