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Volunteering at Yak Ru requires you set aside 10 days of your time in Nepal. The rewards of engaging in a high stake mountain biking race is the chance to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush while networking with the industry's best.

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Volunteering with us is a fantastic way to see Nepal and its high country. Our volunteers bring various skills with them to serve a common purpose that is to benefitting someone else. In this case, you will be fulfilling many duties tasked to several groups who work in harmony to conduct the race successfully year after year.

Here is a list and description of the various volunteer roles we need at every race:

  • Photograhers: 3-5 people to document the race from start to finish
  • Medics: Follow the race on two wheels and look after the safety and health of the participants and the staff. WFR or High altitude exposure is preferred.
  • Moto-X riders: As an skillful motorcycle rider, you will provide vital support to race crew on the race days.
  • Trail builders:Your passion for scouting trails and build them sustainably will come in handy several weeks prior to the race

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    Yak Ru Team motorcycle Roshan Limbu ACID

    Roshan Yakthumba (Acid)

    Moto-X support Lead
    Yak Ru Team SnowMonkey
    Yak Ru Team Keng Tay

    Keng Tay

    Yak Ru Team George Tay
    Yak Ru Team Wilson Low

    Wilson Low

    Lead Trail Commander
    Yak Ru Team Arniko Piya

    Arniko Piya

    Trail Builder