Enduro mountain bike race in Nepal

Mark your calendars, 08 to 19 November 2019 for Yak Ru Enduro in Nepal.

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Yak Ru Enduro Race Details 2019

Welcome to the Yak Ru Enduro – an event that is equal parts big-mountain competition, alpine adventure, and exploration through the heart of the Nepalese backcountry. It is the world’s highest multi-day mountain bike enduro: a project that combines a passion for riding & enjoying wild places with the ideals of remote-area community empowerment & cultural recognition.

The best trails and scenic views of the rugged and amazing Annapurna Circuit – known primarily for its trekking routes – are showcased in this remarkable high-altitude event. An authentic enduro odyssey amidst the wonders of the Nepalese Himalayas with great people beckons.

How High Does it go?

The Yak Ru Enduro is a 3-day mountain bike enduro race that will test riders on beautiful, steep, and rugged trails between 3200-4300m (10600-14200ft) elevation in the Manang region of the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal. The Annapurna Range – boasting huge glaciers, sheer rock faces, and majestic snow-capped peaks – towers over the entire course, providing a stunning backdrop for the ultimate multi-day enduro adventure.

Riders race ‘blind’ on sections of breathtaking terrain – pine and birch forest singletrack, high-speed flow through alpine pastures, rocky switchbacks, steep ridgelines, and generations-old trails passing remote settlements and religious monuments. Participants wishing to challenge themselves and explore one of the most magical landscapes to ride a mountain bike in will be enthralled by the terrain the Yak Ru passes through.

The Format

Yak Ru’s enduro racing format allows riders of various abilities – from pros to amateurs – to mingle, swap stories, and take in the amazing scenery, while still allowing themselves to push their limits. Only certain sections of the race are timed: these mainly downhill stages have been selected as among the very best trails that the Manang region has to offer, and will be raced ‘blind’ – without prior practice. This area is also culturally rich and boasts diverse wildlife, affording riders an all-encompassing Nepali experience during their time here.

The special demands of racing in such thin air require all riders from lower altitudes to do an untimed group ‘acclimatization’ ride of 35 km to reach our main basecamp, the village of Ngawal, the day before racing commences.


Over the 3 racing days, riders will be covering 40km of riding and challenged on 8-10 timed stages. Due to the steepness and remoteness of the course, riders can be expected to carry/walk with their bikes for some uphill parts of the untimed transfer stages. Riders will also receive limited assistance in the form of vehicle uplifts to reach some of the timed stages.

At the conclusion of racing, 2 days of untimed group ‘celebration’ rides will see us descending over 80km and over 3000m (9800ft) over 2 days, a fitting post-competition wrap-up this mountain bike experience of a lifetime.

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